Electronic signature makes life easier – request a signature by email

Do you often find yourself sending agreements via mail? Do you find the printing, posting, scanning and saving as frustrating and does it feel like it’s slowing your business down? No worries, there is a solution to this problem – you can now request a signature by email.

We can now significantly reduce the phases of requesting a signature with a simple digital solution that makes the whole process electronic. The initiating party can send the request straight from Outlook.

Accepting agreements, documents, diagrams and technical drawings can require multiple signees. In case the signees are not sitting around the table where the document is created, getting the document signed via mail or courier service can take unnecessary time and resources. Moving to digital procedure, the whole process can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Digital signature straight from Outlook

With the Deltagon secSigned solution you can request a signature straight from MS Outlook. You can have the document to be signed as an email attachment, write the cover letter and after that the signature process can be started from the toolbar by clicking a button. It’s easy as that!

The signee receives a link as email, which lets them to sign the document using their browser. A PIN-code can also be sent to the signee’s mobile as a one-time pass code for authenticating the user.

The electronic signature will ease and speed up the senders work without having to worry about compromising security. Everything is simple and fast also for the signee. Printing, scanning and posting can be history.

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