Effective information security is simple and easy

In principle, every business has something unique and worth protecting. Ultimately, all business is based on knowledge. In addition to your own information, customer information must be protected not only for business reasons, but also for privacy and image reasons.

The first step towards better information security is to understand that there is a lot of business-critical information and it runs through many hands.

Many people handle confidential information in their work. Predominantly employees want to work correctly – as long as they have been instructed with the procedures and it is easy to process data safely.

Information exchange becomes smoother and more user-friendly when the actual requirements are taken into account in security and risk management solutions.

Effective information security is based on possibilities rather than prohibitions.

Companies’ security policy is often based solely on bans. Prohibitions cannot ensure secure electronic communications and data processing; they will be violated at the latest when the customer requests urgent data delivery.

data-security-instructionsInstead of prohibitions, good operating models and tools are needed to transfer data safely, quickly and easily - just as customers want.

Deltagon's customers have enhanced their security through good leadership.

Management is responsible for ensuring that the organization has the right tools and ground rules in use. When management is up to date, the whole organization works safer.

Practice has shown that users need such straightforward tools that they serve in urgent situations as well. When a customer calls and requests to receive information electronically, it must be possible to respond securely, without violating the rules. Only this will reduce real risks.

Tips for ensuring information security - pay attention to these:

  • Find out where and who deal with the organization's confidential information.
  • Find out also, with whom confidential matters are communicated with and if the communication travels outside the company.
  • Identify the risks associated with the previous. Make sure that the company's management is also aware of the risks.
  • Instead of prohibitions, create safe practices and instruct the users with correct methods.
  • Make sure that employees are provided with the tools for protecting information, and that the tools are definitely in use.
  • Monitor compliance with policies.
  • Remember also that the responsibility cannot be outsourced and not always even transferred.
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