Do you want to gain cost savings with security?

Does your company handle personal or business-critical information? Do you find data security to be a showstopper or even an extra cost item for your business? Our customers think data security brings cost savings to their business operations and makes them more efficient.

Data security is not a bottleneck that prevents business.

Data security should not stand in the way of productive work. In reality, digital services can be used to streamline the operations of a company. Digital services should be built and designed in a way that they meet the real life needs and they integrate seamlessly to business processes.

Email is a great example of a simple and streamlined tool for communication. It quickly became the number one tool for commercial use and has maintained a strong foothold despite the ups and downs of the IT industry. Based on numbers, the speculations of the “death of email” have not come true. A study, made by the Radicati Group shows that the use of email in business has grown at a steady pace and keeps on growing.

email-encryption-keyboardThe problem with email is security – without encryption it is not suitable for sending personal or business-critical information. As the Information Commissioner’s Office (UK) suggests, you should never send confidential or sensitive data through regular email.

On the other hand, there are many email encryption solutions on the market that make sending email complex and way too laborious, thus when choosing a solution to use, you should really make notice of how easy the solution is to use. With a straightforward and safe email encryption solution the company can use email in every day business care free, even when sending personal and business-critical emails and not sacrifice usability.

Another example is the challenges in signing a contract. Getting a signature via the traditional way (pen, paper and postal services or email) can be time consuming. In addition, papers easily become a security risk when for example a contract signed by the previous customer is sitting on top of the desk in view of other customers.

A commonly known problem in organizations is the increasing number of contracts waiting to be signed every time the CEO is out of office. This can weaken the sales operation and even customer service. With a digital signature, contracts can be signed anywhere, as long as the Internet connection works. The transaction additionally offers the possibility of automatic digital archiving of contracts.

Efficient and secure process ensures satisfied customers and stakeholders

A sensibly implemented digitization project removes the work phases of the traditional process or makes them unnecessary. By considering security at the acquisition stage, a situation can be reached where you pay for a security solution and for the same price you get a new, refined and faster process.

construction-signatureA concrete example of streamlining processes can be found in the building industry. There are often a number of different contractors and contracts between them on a single site. On-site inspections and faults found on them are reported. After corrections, reports will be accepted between all parties. Getting a paper contract or a report signed by all parties is a tedious task. The risk of losing documents is high. Limited time combined with a busy timetable causes bottlenecks which effects to regular workers on a daily basis. In worst case scenario the job cannot be completed. The process could be streamlined with a secure digital signature.

Data security must not be a barrier to effective customer service.

Companies have sensitive communications every day. There are situations, where a company sends material that contains personal data or sensitive information by post or by unprotected email. And by serving the customer using these unsecured methods can end up in a situation where the customer's personal data is in danger. On the other hand, the customer won’t be pleased in a situation where they are required to visit on premises just to show their face either.

Deltagon-userfriendly-securityWith secure email messaging, the company can serve their customers in a secure and confidential manner. Thus, customer service and for example the customer’s buying process online become easier. When we add digital signature to the process, we can take the whole process from start to finish in no time, with easy – and security.

How much does a non-served customer or a heavy process cost?

I would like to challenge companies’ decision makers to consider two things. Firstly, how many deals are lost due to customer not getting served? Secondly, what is the price of the time spent when a worker stands around doing nothing?

The good news is that we offer smart digital solutions, which can be combined to allow entirely electronic business operations. In addition to sales, it gives peace of mind by minimizing business risks and freeing up staff for customer service instead of wasting time considering whether the processes meet requirements from the aspect of data security and law.

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Tuukka Meriläinen

Tuukka works as a Product Manager at Deltagon Group Oy.

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