Deltagon attends 600Minutes Information and Cyber Security event in Denmark

Deltagon participates in 600Minutes Information and Cyber Security event in Copenhagen, Denmark

600Minutes Information and Cyber Security is a yearly cross industrial event which gathers CISOs and Information Security Executives from the largest organizations in Denmark. This event gives us a great opportunity to network with top decision makers in Denmark and to change ideas, share info and increase awareness on how to protect company’s critical information.

This year the main themes are:

  • Mobile, cloud and internet of things: What should we protect tomorrow?
  • Cyber security as a part of Enterprise Risk Management
  • Security intelligence - Tools for predicting cyber attacks
  • Cyber Security and Compliance – Keeping up with new rules and regulations
  • Increasing security awareness


The event was very productive for us. We had possibility to meet over 30 security professionals and decision makers. Hear their thoughts on how they see security and how they felt it could be incorporated to business processes and change ideas on how our security solutions could benefit them here.


A common threat we heard from most of the delegates was the cloud services security aspects. Especially when it comes to email services likewise file and message sharing. Many companies IT-services have either moved to cloud already or they are planning to do that in the future. This common thread opened interesting discussions on how with Deltagon’s solutions companies can safely move to cloud based services but still ensure confidentiality of information stored in cloud.


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