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Electronic services (e-services) have become more common in recent years. Nowadays you can handle almost everything online from tax returns to changing your operator and to ordering different products and services.

Various electronic forms can be found on websites of almost every company and government agency. Electronic services in many companies is still scattered so that the continuity and information security are thus partly threatened because there is no information on how they are implemented. In addition, some have decided to share the files to be filled, in which case the user’s viewpoint is forgotten. In practice, user will have to resort to the old service process.

What is a truly electronic service

In case one settles for file sharing, for the user, filling a form means many more steps: first the form must be downloaded to their computer, and then it will be printed and filled. After that it still needs to be solved how it can be sent. If it contains confidential or sensitive information, protection must be taken care of in electronic communication or then one must resort to traditional post. Highly electronic? Usually also for the recipient it is very laborious to handle scanned information. Basically it is the same as if the form would have been written by hand.

How electronic forms can streamline the process

Unloading data can be greatly enhanced thanks to electronic forms. In this case, many manual steps fall off and data can be entered automatically to the system. When there is no printing, scanning, mailing and manual data input, the process becomes much more efficient and the organization can achieve much faster decision-making phase.

Electronic forms and information security

As information security is the starting point of handling personal data, it must be taken into account extra carefully with electronic forms. With Deltagon’s form solution you can publish forms easily and securely. It is a reliable, safe and easy way to collect information. Since in some cases the identity of the form filler must be ensured, we naturally also enable identification with electronic authentication or electronic signature.

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