Challenges of group messaging and file sharing

Communication between groups has become more and more electronic and independent of the location. However, group messaging is not entirely without problems. E-mail, for example, is used a lot in group communication. It contains significant challenges such as separated message threads and problems in file management.

Challenges of e-mail in group messaging

E-mail is challenging as a group messaging tool, as often, the messages are mixed and intertwined, so that all parties may not receive all information. In addition, it is difficult to come back to a discussion as issues are not structured in e-mail conversation. Headings may get mixed up and some group members answer to the wrong chain, etc. Many people who actively use e-mail in their job has surely come across these problems.

E-mail can also be sometimes challenging for file sharing. E-mail servers can block the sending of large files. On the other hand finding the latest versions from the different messages can be a laborious task. There is also no guarantee of the security of the communication and therefore the confidential information should be protected separately. Passwords to the password-protected files are often forgotten and because of that many times easy-to-remember passwords are taken to use or same password is used in all different files, such as the company name.

Board of Directors meeting as an example:

Board members do not sit under the same roof but the meeting material must be shared among all participants in advance. Communication brakes down, for example, when someone forgets to reply to all, and part of the information goes only to some, and others will be left without important information. It is not very unusual that messaging for a new topic is done under the previous subject, which in turn makes it difficult to monitor. Board meetings handle highly confidential information about the company’s operation. Sending meeting material by e-mail is like sending it with a postcard so that any outsider can have access to it.


Deltagon collabRoom as a solution

Easy to use Deltagon collabRoom offers a wide range of possibilities for secure file sharing and group messaging, all collectively in one place. Files as well as communication is well-organized and appropriately protected. The solution offers a clear view of each group’s data, and therefore, each member of the group will certainly get the necessary information and sees the communication in the same way.

For example, the solution is an excellent tool for communication between board members, sharing meeting materials, as a replacement for FTP service and delivering material to project teams and subcontractors.

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