Can confidential information be sent to a mobile phone?

Lab results must be delivered quickly to a client or new user needs to get a password to a system. How can messages that contain secure data be safely sent to a mobile phone?

With e-mail encryption confidential information can be communicated quickly and easily. However, there are situations in which you might want to send out confidential messages to recipients without them having the need to log in to their e-mail. For example, the recipient's e-mail address may not be known or because the information is intended to be delivered quickly but only once and is not accompanied by longer communications.

Confidential information can be sent directly to the recipient's smartphone via our e-mail encryption solution. The sender does not need to know the recipient's e-mail address; a mobile number is the only thing needed. The recipient receives a text message that guides to read the protected message with a secure browser-based solution. The recipient must have an access to internet on their phone. However, nothing else is required.

Feature can be used in many ways, for example:

Passwords and usernames securely to a mobile phone

By using the Deltagon Sec@GW e-mail encryption solution, new user account info and passwords can be delivered to the user safely and securely directly to their phone. In one case, the automated system used by the company sends a message to the user's phone number through which the ID and password can be obtained.

Laboratory results to the customer easily and safely

In healthcare, for example, laboratory and other test results must be delivered to the customer as soon as possible. However, security must not be compromised. The results can be easily and quickly delivered to the customer by utilizing e-mail encryption. The sender only needs to know the customer's mobile number to be able to send sensitive information. The customer does not have to log on to any system to receive the information or wait for the results to be posted by mail.

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