A secure workspace – increased interest among companies

Recently there has been an increased interest for a secure workspace. Our customers find that they gain value from knowing where their discussions and files regarding projects and board work in reality are stored. Furthermore, it is viewed as valuable to know that these files and discussions are in a secure place.

Today, companies do not wish to stress over the fact that they would not know where their confidential and even business critical information in actuality is held.

It is important for companies to ensure that they can handle and share files in a secure way when collaborating in projects with customers and partners. Our customers have perceived value from knowing where their own and their customers’ confidential files really are stored.

Last month Deltagon participated in the IT PRO 2017 event. I met customers and acquaintances with whom we discussed topics regarding information security solutions for e-communication and e-services. A hot topic during the event was collabRoom, our secure workspace solution for file sharing and messaging. With it, you can easily create workspaces for different groups in your organization. Additionally, many visitors viewed it interesting that you can co-operate with internal and external partners, without compromising security.

Moreover, another topic that raised interest among our customers was the new EU general data protection regulation, which in some way will impact every company and organization. More specifically, our customers wanted to know what they can do now, to better prepare themselves for the upcoming reform.

Lastly, I would like to express that I am very grateful for the positive feedback I got from you, our excellent customers, and that I got the chance to meet new acquaintances within the IT industry.

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I’m looking forward to our coming discussions!

-Johan Godenhjelm

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