A boost for internationalization by change in the ownership base

Author Jari Holmborg

As of equity trading on 28th of September, Deltagon Group Oy’s biggest shareholder is an international equity fund, which has a number of IT and information security companies in its portfolio in Norway and the Baltic countries, for example.

Dear customers and partners,

I have now been acting as the CEO of Deltagon for the past 6 months though prior to that I had been over 10 year as the executive in charge of sales and marketing. When I was appointed as the skipper, the comment from the chairman of the board at Deltagon was that “We want to accelerate the positive development under his [Jari's] leadership as our customers' trusted partner in security solutions both in Finland and internationally.”

This is the goal I have tried to fulfill, to the extent of my skills, but the challenge has been the scatteredness of our ownership structure.

Now this challenge has been solved as Nordic Cyber Security Oy became the majority shareholder of Deltagon at the end of last week in a stock deal where our biggest shareholders sold their ownership of Deltagon to Nordic Cyber Security Oy, a company founded in Finland by an international equity fund enlisted in NASDAQ. Nordic Cyber Security Oy is owned by INVL Technology – an equity fund with several IT and information security companies from e.g. Norway and the Baltics in their portfolio.

Deltagon is and will stay as an independent Finnish company with business operations in all of the Nordic countries, but now we have “broader shoulders” to product development as well as to the internationalization of our business outside the Nordic countries. Our R&D as well as customer service will continue to stay in Finland in the future.

I am happy to answer to any questions you may have.

Best Regards,

Jari Holmborg

Tel: +358 400 444 830

Jari Holmborg

M.Sc.(econ.) Jari Holmborg is the CEO of Deltagon Group Oy. Jari has over 20 years’ experience of executive positions in the IT and information security sector, as well as the internationalization of business. He has also been actively involved in the Finnish start-up software companies’ internationalization by mentoring in the international clinic programs of The Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association, for example.

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