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Deltagon Email Encryption now available in Also Cloud Marketplace

Deltagon Email Encryption is the most straightforward email encryption solution for confidential communication. It offers..

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How to make it easier and faster to sign a contract?

The details of a huge deal are finally agreed upon and the contract only need the official signature. However, the..

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Signature to image file or Excel?

Want to get approval for a complex calculation, chart, graphic, floor plan or similar? After official approval by the..

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Deltagon grows and strengthens

Jussi Ranta has been appointed Vice President, Business Development since January 1, 2019. He is responsible for..

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Thank you for 2018 – the year in review

I would like to warmly thank our customers and partners for the past year and wish you a cyber-safe year 2019! During the..

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Have a safe holiday season!

Thank you for the year 2018! At Deltagon's traditional Christmas lunches, our customers and our partners in Finland and..

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Store and share critical information digitally and securely

Does your organization handle business critical information? Do you wish you had a place to digitally store that..

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Using smartphones in confidential business - security threat or opportunity?

Smartphones are nowadays used by virtually everyone from schoolchildren to senior citizens, and the phones are full of..

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10 reasons to encrypt your company’s emails

Appropriate handling of confidential information and focusing on information security is more relevant than ever and one..

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Identifying email recipient – how and why?

Do you send e-mails on confidential matters? Do you know who reads the e-mail you have sent? Want to be sure who the..

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