What is the pricing for Deltagon products?

We believe in a customer-driven approach and service. Our goal is always to find out the customer's need and provide customer-specific solutions based on it.

The price of Deltagon's products consists of several factors. We offer our solutions as a dedicated service installed to the customer’s IT environment with support services. Our partners, in turn, offer our solutions as a total service (partner-specific prices can be obtained directly from partners).

How much does Deltagon’s e-mail encryption cost?

The price of Deltagon Sec@GW e-mail encryption solution is affected by:

  1. the number of users (right to send secure emails)
  2. whether entire corporate or only part of the staff have a licence to use
  3. chosen service level

    Example: Price for 25 named users starting from 442 €/month.

How much does Deltagon’s electronic forms cost?

The price of Deltagon secureForms depends on the following:

  1. how many forms a company needs
  2. estimation of transactions (how many forms are filled per month)
  3. chosen service level

    Example: Price for 9 forms starting from 365 €/month.

How much does the secure electronic workspace cost?

For Deltagon collabRoom pricing, we need to know:

  1. how many user licenses a company needs
  2. chosen service level

    Example: Price for 25 users starting from 442 €/month.

What is the cost of electronic signature with Deltagon’s solution?

Deltagon secSigned's pricing consists of the following:

  1. estimation of approved signature processes per month
  2. chosen service level

    Example: Price for 50 signature processes starting from 300 €/month.

Other things to affect the pricing

Installation and deployment costs and service level fees are relatively cheaper the more Deltagon's solution are taken to use. The length of the contract period also has a price effect.

Solutions require an SSL / TLS certificate that Deltagon can provide as a service if needed.

Please contact us to discuss what kind of solution would best suit your organization.

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