What is confidential information?

Companies contain a surprising amount of confidential information which needs to be communicated to external interest groups while retaining confidentiality.

The need for confidential communication is not only found at an executive management level, but also in sales, financial administration, product development, human resources and customer service. The leak of information to competitors or the media can seriously damage business operations. It’s of high importance to maintain the customer’s trust and the company’s reputation.

Nowadays customers demand fast service. When messages have to travel fast, traditional post is not an option. Our solution allows for secure and efficient electronic communication and services in all situations.

Establishing rules in an information security policy is not alone a solution if users don’t have adequate tools for communications. Relying on our solution, you can create clear guidelines for users and are able to deploy your company’s information security policy in practice straight away. For all possible communication situations, there are clear and easy-to-follow operating methods for securing confidential information.

Organisations are brimming with confidential information:

  • Management: administrative documents, financial reports, negotiations
  • Product development: technical product documents, development projects, patent matters
  • Human resources: applications, employment contracts, salary information
  • Financial administration: information on profits, reports, bank matters
  • Sales: offers, contracts, price information
  • Data administration:  passwords, project records, network architecture diagrams
  • Customer service: customer information, surveys, service requests

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