Digitize your signature – Redeem the campaign benefit

Do your processes contain plenty of signing documents? Electronic signature helps you to keep your process running also in remote work.

secSigned -electronic signature is a fast, reliable and safe way to authenticate contracting parties and confirm an agreement. You can simplify your employees’ and clients’ work by digital signing and approval processes.

Deltagon offers electronic signature solution for a trial at deployment cost until September 2020.

With secSigned -electronic signature you can:

  • approve documents digitally and securely regardless of the place
  • authenticate signatory’s identity by electronic ID and verify signatory rights
  • streamline approval processes by user friendly solution

Redeem the campaign benefit and keep signing processes efficient also in remote work!

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Terms and conditions for Digitize your signature Campaign, 22 April 2020 – 30 September 2020

Deltagon offers secSigned electronic signature solution for a trial at deployment cost until the end of September 2020. During the campaign we do not charge monthly licences of usage. The trial contains unlimited number of the electronic signatures. The campaign benefit does not apply to possible third-party authentication services.

The campaign is targeted to private and public sector’s organisations. New and existing customers of Deltagon and customers of partners involved to the campaign can redeem the campaign benefit.

secSigned electronic signature solution can be ordered as direct delivery from Deltagon and then the solution is installed to a customer’s own data centre. Alternatively, the solution can be ordered as a service from our partner, and then the solution is installed in the partner’s data centre. The partners involved to the campaign are listed on this page.

The pricing is based on deployment costs, which are charged according to price list. During the campaign we offer secSigned electronic signature’s monthly licences free of charge for unlimited number electronic signatures’ usage. If the customer wants to use third party authentication services in the solution, the additional authentication services are subject to surcharges. Detailed contract-based price information can be inquired directly from Deltagon’s or Partners’ sales department.

Campaign period is from 22 April 2020 until 30 September 2018, both dates included.

Deployment and installation costs, and third-party authentication services’ costs will not be returned, even though the customer terminates the contract.
If the customer does not terminate the contract before the end of the campaign, the contract continues normally and monthly licences will be charged from 1st October 2020. After the campaign, the monthly licences are charged according to the customer’s contractual pricelist.

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