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Digitize your signature – Redeem the campaign benefit

Do your processes contain plenty of signing documents? Electronic signature helps you to keep your process running also..



Dugnad - Solidaritet

Kjære kunder og partnere

I denne ekstraordinære tiden vi nå står i viser vi dugnadsånden som er godt etablert her i Norge.



What is the pricing for Deltagon products?

We believe in a customer-driven approach and service. Our goal is always to find out the customer's need and provide..

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Why should you work for us?

Deltagon offers interesting and versatile professional challenges all the way from sales to technical gurus and coding..

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Why become a Deltagon partner?

Would you like to offer your customers a way to protect their confidential electronic communications? Expand your service..

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Why should e-mail be encrypted?

E-mail is the main communication method for many companies and organizations in both internal and external communication...

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Why should confidential information be protected?

The secrecy of confidential information is an essential lifeline for many companies. Therefore, sending confidential..

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What is confidential information?

Companies contain a surprising amount of confidential information which needs to be communicated to external interest..

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Privacy and cookies

In addition to collecting information that you submit yourself, Deltagon Group Oy (”Deltagon”) may use automatic data..

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