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Do your processes contain plenty of signing documents? Electronic signature helps you to keep your process running also in remote work.


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Case: Industrial sector

With the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Officer receives countless subject access requests. How to receive these requests securely, handle them confidentially and send the information safely to the data subject?

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Case: Communications sector

In a communications company, employees are hired centrally to all its domestic branches. The sending of employment contracts by post to be signed was considered to be too slow. Digital signature saves both sender and signer time. Signing does not require attendance at a particular place at a particular time or sending letters by post.

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Case: Fund

A fund is now saving time and administrative work as different stages of data exchange with customers were integrated into one that expedited processing times. Previously, confidential information was printed, posted, scanned and entered into the system manually. Through integration significant savings in costs have been achieved.

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Case: Law firm

An attorneys-at-law office needs all important documents straight away for the start of a new commission. Now all confidential documents can be sent using secured e-mail direct from the office’s website. The company now has an excellent level of customer service.

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Case: Government institute

An organization in the state sector noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult to provide services in offices and by telephone as the number of customers abroad increased. Now the institution sends decisions and requests for clarification using a secured e-mail, to which customers can reply via our solution, which also makes that the replies are secured as well. Customer service has sped up considerably.

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Case: Municipality

One municipality received much information in connection with e-services. Processing data manually had become a problem as it took a lot of time. With secure electronic forms, human resources could be relocated to more important tasks instead of handling forms.

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Case: Service sector

A company in the service sector had to share confidential information and files among different stakeholders. Now the company ensures the confidential data remains protected by using a secure solution to share files and to communicate with different stakeholders.

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Protecting information and material classified as confidential

Confidential information and security levels

Information can be classified according to how confidential it has been defined. Classification affects eg. how information can be shared. Our e-mail encryption solution allows you to use different security levels.

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